You've reached Under my skin, the TFL-approved fanlisting for the Original Vampire Elijah Mikaelson and the Queen of the Crescents, Hayley Marshall!

Finally. a dream which becomes true. I'm deeply in love with this wonderful and complicated pairing. Hayley and Elijah have one of the most important relationships in all the series, made by obligation toward the respective families (Elijah, always worried for his troublesome and damned brother, Hayley, responsible of her wolves' pack, of her little Hope, and now loyal to her husband Jackson), deep attraction and trust. I think the word which fits the most for them is "sacrifice". They've always sacrificed happiness in order to save someone else, and for this reason they gradually grew close. Elijah is often very protective, and he is the first one to realize how much important is Hayley's child for his one thousand years old Original family (also, Klaus named his daughter Hope after Elijah's suggestion), and on the other hand, Hayley is the first one to help him to remove his mask of perfection, showing the man under the always elegant, polite, stoic and noble vampire. They relied on each other more than on anyone else, even now that Hayley is married to Jack. The latter once said that Elijah is just waiting in the shadows for the moment he will be dead, in order to take his immortal place beside Hayley, and Daniel Gillies (Elijah's actor) is also sure of it (also adding, jokingly, that since Elijah is a gentleman, he will wait just some more time before doing it XD).
Also, I choose this title for the fanlisting because Camille once said to Hayley, talking about her feelings toward Elijah: "He's still under your skin". Well, our Cami is a psychologist, so no one should have been more accurate than her, because yes, both of them are still now under their skins! <3

Well, fans of Hayley and Elijah, please, feel free to join!

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