Kushiel's Legacy is one of the recent sagas I've read. It tells the story of Phèdre nó Delaunay, a girl born with a particular sign in her left eye, known as Kushiel's Dart. She's an anguissette, a human who finds pleasure in physical pain. After being grown as a slave in Cereus House (the most important House in the Court of Night of Terre d'Ange), she's been rescued by Anafiel Delaunay, an angeline noble who introduces her to the world of spying and political intrigues. Phèdre becomes the most appreciate and famous courtesan of Terre d'Ange, also she becomes an important spy loyal to the young Dauphine and then Queen, Ysandre de La Courcel. Her destiny faces the one of Melisande Sharizai, a dark lady who desires the death of the Queen. I really loved this saga because it takes place in a post-Medieval (almost Renaissance) Europe, it's a world of sensuality and mystery and characters are all wonderful (in every sense) characters. Also, there are many characters, with particular and difficult genealogies, so I decided to draw only few characters.