This is another Stephenie Meyer's book I love. I read it after coming back from Lucca with my dearest friends and I devoured it in a day. Even more I literally fell in love with Melanie and the others. I really had fun with Melanie and Jared, they're the exact contrary of the concept of romanticism, even if they're destined and the scenes in which Mel surfaces and beats him because of his kisses are so crazy... but also very hot. <3 I like Wanda too and I found Stephenie's idea of this story really original and involving even if in the beginning I was a little bit confused about the identity of the "host". XD I'm so curious to see if Stephenie Meyer will continue this saga. <3

And here there are some pictures I made. <3

Melanie and Wanderer -Wanda-

Jared, Melanie/Wanda, Ian